Landlord and Tenant

Landlord and Tenant Disputes:

Landlord and tenant matters encompass a range of legal issues related to rental agreements and property rights. These matters often involve lease negotiations, rent disputes, eviction proceedings, property maintenance responsibilities, and lease terminations.

Additionally, the realm of commercial leasing presents complexities that demand expert understanding to identify hidden risks and effectively negotiate terms. Such complexities may include early termination, lease assignment, rent review, service charges, and subletting arrangements. Navigating these matters can sometimes be complex. Seeking legal advice and representation can help ensure that your rights are protected and that any disputes are resolved efficiently and fairly.


Why Choose Avista Solicitors?

-      At Avista Solicitors, we specialise in landlord and tenant matters, including commercial lease agreements. Our experienced legal team possesses in-depth knowledge of property disputes and can provide tailored advice to meet your specific needs.

-      We assist both landlords and tenants, ensuring a balanced approach. Whether you’re a property owner seeking to protect your investment or a tenant facing challenges, we offer comprehensive legal support to address your concerns effectively.

-      Our firm provides practical advice aimed at helping clients achieve their commercial objectives within the context of commercial leasing. Whether it's drafting leases, negotiating terms, or resolving disputes, we offer strategic guidance to support your business goals.

-      At Avista Solicitors, we prioritise transparency and ensure that our clients are informed at every step of the legal process. We ensure that you make informed decisions by keeping you updated and involved throughout your case.


Our Fees

At Avista Solicitors, we are committed to providing affordable, high-quality legal services while minimising costs for our clients. We offer flexible fee structures to suit your needs:

-      Depending on the nature of your case and your preferences, we work on either an hourly or fixed fee basis. We ensure that every transaction is transparent, and you have a clear idea about costs from the outset.

-      We understand the importance of discussing your legal matters before committing to any fees. That's why we offer a free initial consultation for the first 10 minutes, allowing you to discuss your case with us and determine how we can assist you.

-      If you need more time to get a clear idea in your matter, we offer a 1-hour consultation at a fixed fee of £100 plus VAT to have a more in-depth discussion of your legal issues and provides valuable insights into your options.

For further clarification on our fees, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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The staff at Avista Solicitors were absolutely amazing in helping my family- they were kind, helpful and supportive throughout and helped us to win the case. I would highly recommend Avista to anyone

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Fast, precise and comprehensive conveyancing legal service. Will use again and would recommend

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Very helpful with preparing wills for my wife and myself

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I am extremely satisfied with Avista Solicitors' service. They have dealt with my matter professionally, effectively and promptly. I highly recommend their services.