Our professional Fees

VAT 20% will be added on top of our professional fees mentioned below. 

  • Standard visitor visa - £750.00
  • Spouse/unmarried partner/fiancé Entry clearance - £1,500.00
  • Spouse/partner extension- £1500.00
  • Student visa-£750.00
  • Right of Abode/Certificate of Entitlement-£800.00
  • Adult dependent relative Entry clearance-£1500.00
  • ILR for adult dependent relative-£1500.00
  • ILR for dependent children under 18 -£1,000.00
  • Skilled worker visa-£1,500.00
  • Skilled worker dependent-£800.00
  • Health and care worker visa-£,1250.00
  • Health care worker dependent-£800.00
  • Intra-company visa-£1,500.00
  • Minister of religion visa (T2)-£1500.00
  • Sportsperson visa (T2)-£1,500.00
  • Temporary worker – Charity worker visa (T5)-£1,000.00
  • Temporary worker – Creative and Sports visa (T5)-£1,000.00
  • Temporary worker- Government authorised Exchange visa (T5)-£1,500.00
  • Temporary worker- International Agreement Worker visa (T5)-£1,500.00
  • Temporary worker- Religious worker visa (T5)-£1500.00
  • Temporary worker- Seasonal worker visa (T5)-£800.00
  • Youth Mobility Scheme Visa (T5)-£800.00
  • Graduate visa (formerly PSW)-£1,200.00
  • Innovator visa=£2,000.00
  • Star-up visa-£2,000.00
  • Global Talent visa-£2,000.00
  • Frontier work permit-£1,200.00
  • British national (overseas) visa-£1,200.00
  • Overseas domestic worker visa-£1,000.00
  • Representative of an overseas business visa-£1,500.00
  • Turkish businessperson visa-£1,500.00
  • Turkish worker visa-£1,500.00
  • Service provider from Switzerland visa-£1,500.00
  • Private life/family life as parent/partner/child-£1,500.00
  • Employer sponsor licence-£1,500.00
  • ILR (main applicant)-priority-£1,500.00, 
  • ILR (dependent-PBS)-priority-£1,000.00, postal-£500.00
  • EUSS Family Permit/pre settled/settled status-£700.00
  • Naturalisation (British citizen)-1250.00
  • Child Naturalisation-£600.00
  • Overseas British passport application-£1500.00-£2000.00
  • Returning Resident after ILR expired application £1500.00
  • Lodging grounds of appeal: £1500.00
  • Preparation of case and Advocacy-£750.00-£1,500.00
  • Deportation appeal-£1,500.00-£2,500.00
  • Temporary admission/bail (CIO)-£500.00-£750.00
  • Application for bail at the Tribunal (including advocacy)-£750.00-£1200.00
  • Judicial Review-£2,000.00-£4,000.00(excluding disbursements)
  • Human rights application-£1,200.00-£3,000.00
  • Reconsideration Application to Home Office-£750.00
  • Application for regularisation of overstayers-£1,500.00-£3,000.00

Sale or purchase of commercial lease: (*subject to change)
Lease details Our fees
Up to 3 years to run, Annual rent up to £15,000 £1000.00
Open lease and no lease premium
Any other lease TBC
Acting for the landlord £1500.00
Over £1,000,000 TBC
Abortive fees

For a fixed fee transaction, we would charge a fixed abortive fee of minimum £300.00 and would not exceed more than 50% of the full fee.

The governing body for solicitors in England and Wales, The Law Society, requires that we make you aware of our charges. Our services are charged on a time basis for work undertaken on your file. For work done by:  

(a)                Solicitors with over 8 years post qualification experience - £301 per hour;  

(b)                Solicitors with over 4 years post qualification experience - £247 per hour;  

(c)                 Other solicitors, Legal Executives and Fee Earners with equivalent experience - £197 per hour.  

(d)                Trainee Solicitors, Paralegals and other Fee Earners - £138.00 per hour  

Letters and telephone calls made or received are charged at one tenth of the appropriate rate.  

Money Claim:  

If it is a simple money claim e.g., an unpaid invoice which is not disputed, and no enforcement action is needed. We charge 25% of the total value of the claim excluding Court Fee and disbursements.  If it is disputed by other party, we will discuss any further work required and revised cost and advice which will be based on hourly basis as mentioned above.  

Our fee includes:

Instructions and reviewing documents         

Undertake appropriate searches          

Sending a letter before action        

Where no Acknowledgment of Service or Defence is received, applying to the Court to enter Judgement in Default

When Judgement in Default in received, write to the other side to request payment.

If payment is not receive within the specified days, providing you with advice on next steps and likely costs.   

Civil & Commercial Litigation:

In most matters, we will provide you with our hourly rate and give you likely cost estimate at the outset.  

We will also let you know in advance what our fees will include  

Criminal Matter:  

Again, in most matters, we will provide you with our hourly rate and give you likely cost estimate at the outset.   We will also let you know in advance what our fees will include.    

Drink Driving and Motoring Offences:     

If it is guilty plea, fixed fee £500 which will include:            

2 hours instructions/preparation ·        

Considering preparation ·        

Taking your instructions ·        

Proving advice on likely sentence This will not include: ·        

Instructions of any expert witnesses ·        

Taking statement from any witnesses ·        

Advice and assistance in relation to a special reason hearing ·        

Advice or assistance in relation to any appeal ·        

Instructing/briefing outside Counsel/Barrister  

Family Matters:     

Fixed fee for uncontested divorce or dissolution of Civil Partner or Non-Molestation and Occupation Order:

If the matters are complex, hourly rate as above will apply and the client will be informed about the likely cost in advance.   Financial Matter, Children Matter, hourly rate as above will apply and the client will be informed about the likely cost in advance.              

Where we are

101E Peel House, 34-44 London Road Morden Surrey SM4 5BT

020 3773 5166

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